Rev. Ted Dougherty, PH.D.

Dr. Ted Dougherty, Pastoral Counselor, is a well-qualified and seasoned therapist with many achievements in his career. As a PK(preacher’s kid) who has worked in South America and Europe, he is keenly aware of the stresses and challenged faced by both missionary families and the families of ministers.

Ted has always been intrigued with the variety of people and spiritual gifts sprinkled around God’s world. As a teenager, one of his first “mission experiences” was being a part of a caring church that took in Cuban refugees. His South American and European experiences include; working with Jamaican pastors and missionaries focusing on pastoral care, education and crisis situations; working in Costa Rica; and lecturing to faculty and students of the Baptist Seminary in Switzerland.

As a trained therapist, Ted has led small therapy groups for missionaries and MKs on furlough at Southern Seminary; worked with the Foreign Mission Board and Dr. Tim Pennell of the NC Baptist Hospital focusing on furlough and crisis intervention situations with missionaries and their family members. Ted has been familiar with MFCS and its unique ministry from its conception. As a mentor of Dr. Doris Walters, founder and the first Executive Director of MFCS, he was her consultant while she counseled MKs at NC Baptist Hospital. In addition, he was her advisor for her Master’s degree and on the advisory committee for her doctoral dissertation.

A licensed Marital and Family Therapist, Ted is affiliated with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, and the Association for Death Education and Counseling.

Ted and his wife Becky reside in Winston-Salem, NC, and have two grown children.

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