A Thank You from an MK

I am a 55+ year old MK who grew up in Chile.  My parents were life-long missionaries with the old Southern Baptist Convention, and I am very proud of their work. When I came home to college in North Carolina, in retrospect I realized how very insecure I was. After a first failed marriage, I proceeded to get straight into a second doomed relationship.  It was during this time I sought the help of Missionary Family Counseling Services, at the recommendation of my older sister. In just a short time, I went from suicidal to resigned, to hopeful. Several times over the next few years I needed some guidance and support, which I repeatedly found —thank goodness! — at MFCS.  My marriage went from bad to worse, though, and after living in hell for 17 years, it broke up.

Overcoming Desperate Thoughts

At that time, the prospect of the loss of my four daughters as well as my wife put me WAY back again emotionally, returning me to desperate thoughts. How could a mid-40s man keep his head up when his second marriage breaks up, his four daughters are taken away one at a time, and his world comes crashing down, facing the ridicule of the community because of an unfaithful wife? I once again sought support at MFCS to help me get my mind and spirit back in order. Since that time, (now over ten years ago), MFCS has continued to be a mainstay in my life. It has kept me in touch with my Maker, and helped me enrich my life, look for and find the beauty in it, and encourage me in all my endeavors.

I No Longer Dwell No Mistakes

Both Doris Walters and Ted Dougherty served as instruments of my healing in these processes. Their acceptance and wisdom has meant so much to me, as has my wife. Both Doris and Ted made an outstanding suggestion: Don’t dwell on mistakes. These are really irrelevant. We ALL make decisions at certain times based on the circumstances and knowledge we have at that moment. Each of those decisions is the best one we could possibly make at that moment, so don t blame yourself when hindsight teaches you differently. Rather keep what you have learned in your heart and mind for the future. I have to give credit to my counselors for being alive today. Life is at last the rewarding experience I've often dreamed of. Only since finding my wife have I been able to enjoy it. Finally, with the help of my counselors and my wife, I've come to the point where, in spite of all the hurts, falls, bruises, and cuts in my past, I see the best days of my life in the future, having started that era of my life just in the last few years. Thank you MFCS for starting, organizing, and developing such a wonderful ministry to those of us who have needed it!!!

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