About Us

 Missionary Family Counseling Services, Inc.(MFCS) is a private nonprofit organization established 1993 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Services are provided without regard to ability to pay, race, age, national origin, gender, handicapping condition, or religious affiliation. Missionary Family Counseling Services is an inter-denominational ministry having served people representing over 75 countries.
MFCS accomplishes its purpose by:
  • Providing quality, in-depth pastoral counseling in the office.
  • Conducting phone consultations for those who are unable to travel to the office.
  • Informing groups and individuals about the agency’s work to develop understanding and support.

How MFCS Helps

Our goal is to help each person find a satisfactory personal and cultural identity. We have helped with these and other issues.
• Loss and Grief• Alcohol/Drug abuse
• Depression • Overwhelming sense of being different & not belonging
• Childhood abuses • Personality disorders
• Poor health • Marital and family problems
• Death of a parent • Insecurity and low self-esteem
• Conflicting values • Questions about religious beliefs

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