1994 From our first newsletter

 “Watch for the new thing I am going to do. It is happening already – you can see it now!” Isaiah 43:10a   On October 1, 1993, a new counseling ministry was organized by Dr. Doris Walters.

2013 MFCS has provided counseling to over 2000 clients during this past 20 years representing over 36 religious organizations from more than 72 ountries

A Need Recognized.... and Met

MFCS is a great example of one person’s vision and commitment to a new mission. In the spring of 1993, Doris Walters returned to the U.S. after veteran missionary service in Japan for over 20 years.

Upon her return to the U.S., Doris continued to serve as a pastoral counselor and quickly realized that missionary families returning to America had numerous re-entry challenges and stresses. Doris began a concerted effort to minister to these servants who were returning to a land that was “foreign” to them in many ways.

MFCS was born as a new missionary enterprise. Importantly, MFCS has given missionary family member guidance, support, and new hope over the past 20 years.

In recent denominational publications, I have noticed that there is a continuing recognition that re-entry issues must be addressed by those sponsoring missionaries.

The current term for this need is called “Reverse Culture Shock”. One missionary has said: “…returning home (U.S.) for our family produced more shock than the shock we experienced going to a new and unknown culture.”

In the last several years, mission agencies have incorporated not only orientation programs but they have added re-entry and reverse culture shock debriefings. MFCS has been addressing these issues for 20 years.

In many ways, missionary families today are faced with a more troubled and challenging world on the mission field and than they encounter re-entry to a fast-paced world in America.

We celebrate the ministry and the support MFCS has received in the 20 years.

Rev. Ted Dougherty, Ph. D., Pastoral Therapist

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