Missionary Family Counseling is providing pastoral counseling and support to adults, adolescents, and family members with a particular focus on the counseling and support of missionaries, clergy, and their family members of all denominations.  
The dominant word is Counseling, which is the heart of our services. The words Missionary, Family, and Services are of all equal importance.  MFCS brings hope  to our clients through support for them with a global outreach.

Services        Our services are available to the members of any missionary family returning for furlough, education, or permanent residence in the United States and to members of any ministers' families. In-depth personal counseling is provided by a counselor who has experienced multicultural living and possesses keen insight into the problems and challenges faced by these families. If it is not feasible for an individual or a family to travel to our counseling center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, arrangements can be make to conduct counseling sessions by telephone. Our counselor travels to campuses to counsel individuals, facilitates retreats, and meets with missionary children to give them support. There is no charge for our services to MKs in colleges or universities. Fees for other clients are charged according to their ability to pay. 

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Missionary Family Counseling Services
Stratford Oaks Bldg, Suite 306
514 S. Stratford Rd
Winston-Salem, NC 27103-1835 USA(336) 722-6550

Email Address: care@mfcs.org
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